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Paint finishes and seat upholstery.

Everyone has their own individual preferences. Some like long relaxed journeys through the night, others prefer a short sunny trip to the beach with their dog, as many friends as possible and a large picnic basket. Everyone is different and it is precisely for this reason that we have built a vehicle that suits all needs but which is never the same: the Multivan.

The concept.

The Multivan is more than just a vehicle. It is the entry ticket to a world of possibilities. As a passenger van with plenty of space, the Multivan is not only the perfect vehicle for families, it is also ideal for sports, long journeys and business purposes. The flexibility of the interior gives you the freedom to fulfil your requirements – and to be open for new ones.
The seating concept and the rail system in the passenger compartment quickly adapt to all your requirements. You can even enjoy a good night’s sleep in the Multivan if you like. Its safety systems and driving comfort ensure a pleasant journey and aim to protect you while you drive. And because of the advanced technology, you can drive with a clear conscience. The Multivan is extremely economical regarding fuel consumption and emissions, but there’s no limit in terms of driving dynamics and fun.
Innovations in the Multivan.
The intelligent driver assistance systems for the Multivan not only enhance driving comfort – they also help you to keep an eye on everything and avoid unnecessary risks. Technical innovations reduce fuel consumption, protect the environment and lower the cost of your driving:
  • a multi-functional and variable passenger compartment with ample space and plenty of opportunities for individualisation
  • new high-performance common rail TDI engines reduce fuel consumption and CO2 emissions
  • an innovative 7-speed dual clutch gearbox (DSG), which is also available in combination with 4MOTION all-wheel drive.
  • the driver assistance systems provide added safety and greater driving comfort: a turning light to light up curves and bends, Side Assist to help you when changing lanes, Rear Assist for increased safety when reversing and to make reverse parking easier, a tyre monitoring display to monitor the tyre pressure.

The Multivan at a glance.

Our web special shows you the innovations in the Multivan in a very vivid way. Take a look at moving pictures of the Multivan and enjoy getting to know its variable interior, versatility, and the many comfortable and convenient features. Obtain information on the new engines and 7-speed dual clutch gearbox – or make use of the interactive function: design a passenger compartment of your own and test for yourself just how much fits in the Multivan.

The Multivan model versions.

No matter whether you’re looking for a family vehicle, a camper van or a vehicle for business purposes – there’s a suitable model for all requirements. The Multivan Startline, the Multivan Comfortline and the Multivan Highline offer you different options to fulfil your personal idea of freedom and mobility.


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